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ownerM. B. <>
last changeWed, 23 Jul 2014 00:44:03 +0000 (02:44 +0200)
23 hours ago laymanfixed installing ufo-ai's client binary master
2 days ago laymanfixed one patch for java-service-wrapper
2 days ago laymana couple more tiny tweaks to broadcom-sta-bla.248-r1...
2 days ago laymanactually install that readme
2 days ago laymanmade readme more recognizable for broadcom-sta
2 days ago laymanminor improvements as broadcom-sta-bla.248-r1.ebuild
2 days ago laymankeyworded i2p for several ~arches
2 days ago laymankeyword java-service-wrapper for "~amd64 ~arm ~ia64...
2 days ago laymanwork, you dubm taco!
2 days ago layman* added ebuild java-service-wrapper-3.5.25
4 days ago laymanupdated ufo-ai-2.5
6 days ago laymanreverted changes to i2p-0.9.13.ebuild for the time...
8 days ago laymanadded broadcom-sta-
8 days ago laymanchanged copyright notices for i2p
8 days ago laymanfixed keywords cause repoman cried
8 days ago laymanre-keyworded sigil for ~x86
23 hours ago master