descriptiondev-python/netzob and maybe some i3 hacks
ownerAlexandre PIGNÉ <>
last changeThu, 31 Jan 2013 11:09:40 +0000 (12:09 +0100)
2013-01-31 Alexandre PIGNÉHandle compilation profiles in dev-python/netzob master
2013-01-23 Alexandre PIGNÉlayman categories
2013-01-11 Alexandre PIGNÉAdd amd64 arch compatibility when missing
2013-01-11 Alexandre PIGNÉAdd gtk+:3 explicit dependency
2012-12-21 Alexandre PIGNÉOnly merge HTML_DOCS when doc USE flag is set
2012-12-18 Alexandre PIGNÉMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-18 Alexandre PIGNÉMake EAPI compatible with python-r1 module
2012-12-08 Alexandre PIGNÉOnly merge HTML_DOCS when doc USE flag is set
2012-12-05 Alexandre PIGNÉRemove PyPi from SRC_URI as the package siganture differs. gentoo/0.4.0
2012-12-05 Alexandre PIGNÉRelease 0.4.0
2012-11-12 Alexandre PIGNÉReplace distutils module with -r1 and use python-r1...
2012-10-30 Alexandre PIGNÉNew graphviz runtime dependency
2012-10-18 Alexandre PIGNÉRename some docs files from txt to rst extension
2012-09-20 Alexandre PIGNÉupdate dependencies
2012-09-10 Alexandre PIGNÉremove gtk3 use flags as it is now the default graphica...
2012-09-10 Alexandre PIGNÉnew httplib2 dependency
19 months ago gentoo/0.4.0
2 years ago gentoo/0.3.3
2 years ago gentoo/0.3.2
2 years ago gentoo/0.3.1
2 years ago gentoo/0.3.2_rc1
17 months ago master