descriptionPatches and patched ebuilds; xen and python bugs && bumps
ownerIan Delaney <>
last changeTue, 17 Jun 2014 02:42:55 +0000 (10:42 +0800)
2014-06-17 Ian Delaneymass purge of old ebuilds mostly in portage master
2014-01-14 Ian Delaneylong overdue update
2013-07-19 Ian DelaneyRemove double quotes in HOMEPAGE
2013-07-19 Ian DelaneyAdd basic unpack, install phases
2013-07-19 Ian DelaneyAdd basic unpack, install phases
2013-07-18 Ian Delaneyrm dev-util/reviewboard
2013-07-18 Ian Delaneyrm CVS pypy-bin subfolder from pypy-bin, dev-util/revie...
2013-07-18 Ian DelaneyRemove old packages
2013-04-27 Ian Delaney[dev-python/kombu] total overhaul of doc build, reset...
2013-04-27 Ian Delaney[dev-python/kombu] wip of updated kombu-2.5.10
2013-03-03 Ian DelaneyVarious updates to django packages, dingus
2013-03-03 Ian DelaneyUpgrading state of old and new
2013-01-04 Ian Delaneyadded raw [dev-python/alembic]
2012-09-17 Ian Delaney[dev-python/django-endless-pagination] new ebuild versi...
2012-09-02 Ian Delaney[dev-python/django-setuptest] adjusted python depend
2012-09-02 Ian Delaney[dev-python/django-setuptest] added deps to ebuild
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