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ownerPeter Asplund <>
last changeTue, 24 Jun 2014 21:47:12 +0000 (23:47 +0200)
2014-06-24 Peter AsplundAdd php-5.5.13 with patch for systemd master
2013-12-02 Peter AsplundRemove unneeded Mesa progs and fix svorak a5 patch
2013-12-02 Peter AsplundMove swedish layout to extras
2013-11-21 Peter AsplundAdd glxtrace-only patch so multilib builds
2013-11-21 Peter AsplundUpdate Manifest
2013-11-21 Peter AsplundVersion bump for apitrace to 4.0. Doesn't currently...
2013-11-20 Peter AsplundAdd metadata folder
2013-11-20 Peter AsplundFix dependency to depend on virtual instead of specific...
2013-11-20 Peter AsplundUpdate to enable cdio use flag by default
2013-11-20 Peter AsplundChange name to dvorak_a5 in se file
2013-10-26 Peter Asplundxkeyboard-config ebuild with Svorak A5
2013-09-23 Peter AsplundRename ebuild to -r1 and recreate Manifest.
2013-09-22 Peter AsplundAdd gimp-normalmap package and fix ebuild
2013-05-17 Peter AsplundSet Gnome3 as default IUSE.
2013-05-17 Peter AsplundUpdate Manifest with changed ebuild
2013-05-17 Peter AsplundAdd new Dia ebuild building against Gnome 3
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