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last changeWed, 23 Jul 2014 03:43:59 +0000 (23:43 -0400)
9 days ago Devan FranchiniAdds xarchiver to accept_keywords master
9 days ago Devan FranchiniRemoves vlc from accept_keywords
9 days ago Devan FranchiniRemoves file-roller in favor of xarchiver
9 days ago Devan FranchiniREADME: Modifies requirements text
10 days ago Anthony G.... tools-musl: do keywording in the tree
2014-07-17 Jorge Manuel... Add env file for the new releng build box (nightheron).
2014-07-15 Anthony G.... tools-uclibc: only build vanilla ppc without UCLIBC_BUI...
2014-07-14 Anthony G.... tools-uclibc: add ppc
2014-07-11 Anthony G.... tools-uclibc/desktop: update uclibc desktop
2014-06-28 Raúl PorcelFix ISO path
2014-06-28 Anthony G.... tools-musl: pull out code in run scripts
2014-06-27 Anthony G.... tools-musl: bump to musl 1.1.3
2014-06-27 Anthony G.... tools-musl + tools-uclibc: begin refactoring to avoid...
2014-06-25 Jorge Manuel... Update kernel config for installcd to add support for...
2014-06-23 Jorge Manuel... Use new kernel in the installcd.
2014-06-23 Jorge Manuel... Update kernel config for the admincd and installcd.
9 days ago master