descriptionrBot plugins for Bugzilla functionality (Gentoo clone of upstream).
ownerRobin H. Johnson <>
last changeTue, 28 Feb 2012 06:30:29 +0000 (06:30 +0000)
2012-02-28 Robin H. JohnsonSupport 'bug X comment Y' and 'bug X#cY' as commands... master
2011-09-22 Christian RuppertAdd IN_PROGRESS, CONFIRMED
2010-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonRedhat URL moved.
2010-10-27 Robin H. JohnsonMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2010-10-27 Robin H. JohnsonFix case sensitivity issue.
2010-06-04 Christian RuppertAdd support for comment ids. Improve error handling...
2010-04-24 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate list of zillas.
2010-02-12 Robin H. JohnsonMore fixup of htmlentities.
2010-02-12 Robin H. Johnsonhtmlentities/string module is gone, removed by upstream.
2008-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonSplit the short and long forms of bugzilla requests...
2008-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonAllow bug aliases for explicit bug lookups.
2008-08-09 Robin H. JohnsonChange default template per solars request.
2008-08-07 Robin H. JohnsonThread the long calls.
2008-08-06 Robin H. Johnsonlowercase.
2008-08-06 Robin H. JohnsonAvoid a minor backtrace.
2008-07-31 Robin H. JohnsonAdd support for templatable output.
2 years ago master