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last changeThu, 31 Jul 2014 00:51:58 +0000 (02:51 +0200)
20 hours ago Davide Pesavento[dev-qt/qt{dbus,network}:5] Revbump to avoid bug 518620. master
25 hours ago Johannes Huber[profiles/updates] Slotmove kde-misc/sddm-kcm 0 -> 4
25 hours ago Johannes Huber[kde-misc/sddm-kcm] Move to SLOT 4
26 hours ago Davide Pesavento[qt5-build.eclass] Refactor qt5_install_module_qconfigs().
45 hours ago Davide Pesavento[Qt5] Drop USE=glib and enable it unconditionally.
46 hours ago Davide Pesavento[qt5-build.eclass] Use /etc/xdg as sysconfdir (upstream...
47 hours ago Davide Pesavento[dev-qt/qtcore:5] Don't define QT_ZLIB.
47 hours ago Davide Pesavento[qt5-build.eclass] Enable session management globally...
2 days ago Davide Pesavento[dev-qt/qtgui:5] Fix session management support.
2 days ago Davide Pesavento[qt5-build.eclass] Add comment about linking with GNU...
3 days ago Davide PesaventoMerge pull request #27 from xhochy
3 days ago Uwe L. Korn[qt5-build.eclass] Set correct flags and toolchain...
3 days ago Davide Pesavento[qt5-build.eclass] Stop passing -process to configure...
3 days ago Davide Pesavento[dev-qt/qtgui:5] Fix xkb and xkbcommon support.
4 days ago Michael Palimaka[dev-qt/qtsvg] Disable broken test wrt bug #474004.
4 days ago Michael Palimaka[eclass] Disable cmake-related tests wrt bug #474004.
20 hours ago master