descriptionReplacement for layman
ownerBrian Dolbec (dol-sen) <>
last changeSun, 6 Feb 2011 23:40:15 +0000 (15:40 -0800)
2011-02-06 Brian Dolbecuse the new message class and fix the error recording... master
2011-02-06 Brian Dolbecnew simplified message class
2011-02-06 Brian Dolbecfix the incorrect command
2011-02-06 Brian Dolbecrename Overlay's __str__(). split out UnknownOverlayMe...
2011-02-06 Brian Dolbecadd the ability to plugin repository definition xml...
2011-02-05 Brian Dolbecadd an example testpath for testing the git checkout
2011-02-05 Brian Dolbecadd an irc data element to the overlay xml
2011-02-04 Brian Dolbecfix the make failure bug due to a missed rename, update...
2011-02-04 Brian Dolbecrename a couple missed files from the mass update
2011-02-03 Brian DolbecMass namespace rename and update
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecuse the new dbase list_ids()
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecfix a bug when the selection is None
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecadd a list_ids()
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecadd missing output statements, debug all the new actions
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecfix some screwups :(
2011-01-18 Brian Dolbecfix the missing '+' and line continuation
3 years ago master