descriptionPlatform-neutral baselayout
ownerOpenRC Team <>
last changeMon, 28 Jul 2014 15:41:24 +0000 (10:41 -0500)
33 hours ago William Hubbscheckpath: apply ownership to all paths given on comman... master
4 days ago William Hubbscheckpath: style fix
5 days ago William Hubbshwclock: always set the kernel's timezone
10 days ago William Hubbssrc/librc/librc-daemon.c: style fix
10 days ago William Hubbssrc/rc/Makefile: typo fix
11 days ago William Hubbsrc-status: fix infinite loop when using stacked runlevels
13 days ago Jason Zamandevfs: fix restorecon ebegin message to match sys
13 days ago Jason Zamansysfs: restorecon after mounting /sys
13 days ago Jason Zamanmove the selinux_setup function into rc-selinux
13 days ago William Hubbscheckpath: style fixes
13 days ago William Hubbsstyle fixes
13 days ago William HubbsRename SELinux source files
13 days ago Jason Zamancheckpath: restore the SELinux context
13 days ago Jason Zamandevfs: fix SELinux contexts
13 days ago Jason Zamantmpfiles: set the proper SELinux context
2014-07-15 William HubbsAdd SELinux support to the build system
8 months ago openrc-0.12.4 OpenRC-0.12.4
9 months ago openrc-0.12.3 release OpenRC-0.12.3
9 months ago openrc-0.12.2 Release openrc-0.12.2
9 months ago openrc-0.12.1 release OpenRC 0.12.1
11 months ago openrc-0.12 Release OpenRC 0.12.
19 months ago openrc-0.11.8 release openrc-0.11.8
19 months ago openrc-0.11.7 release openrc-0.11.7
19 months ago openrc-0.11.6 Release openrc-0.11.6.
20 months ago openrc-0.11.5 Release OpenRC-0.11.5.
20 months ago openrc-0.11.4 release openrc-0.11.4
20 months ago openrc-0.11.3 release OpenRC-0.11.3
21 months ago openrc-0.11.2 Release openrc-0.11.2
21 months ago openrc-0.11.1 release openrc-0.11.1
21 months ago openrc-0.11 release openrc-0.11; bug #417391...
23 months ago openrc-0.10.5 tag openrc-0.10.5
2 years ago openrc-0.10.4 release OpenRC-0.10.4
33 hours ago master
8 months ago openrc-0.12.x
15 months ago rc-status-exit
19 months ago openrc-0.11.x
22 months ago openrc-0.10.x
2 years ago openrc-0.9.9.x
2 years ago openrc-0.9.8.x
2 years ago earlymount-usr