descriptionPlatform-neutral baselayout
ownerOpenRC Team <>
last changeThu, 10 Apr 2014 00:29:16 +0000 (19:29 -0500)
13 days ago William HubbsREADME.busybox: document incompatibility with built... master
2014-04-03 Andrew remove --remove option
2014-03-27 Andrew Gregorytmpfiles: add support for --boot option
2014-03-27 Andrew Gregorytmpfiles: ignore all files starting with systemd-
2014-03-15 William Hubbsrc.conf: typo fix
2014-03-13 William Hubbsconf.d/hwclock: typo fix
2014-03-09 William Hubbsrc.conf: document rc_nocolor setting
2014-01-23 Mike Frysingerdevfs: explicitly mount /dev/shm with mode=1777
2014-01-23 William Hubbsupdate feature removal schedule
2014-01-18 William Hubbsfstabinfo: fix mount and remount
2014-01-18 William do not mount /run with nosuid
2014-01-15 William Hubbsbootmisc: Remove console directories only if $RC_LIBEXE...
2014-01-13 Benda Xurc-update: add option to remove a service from all...
2014-01-11 William HubbsMerge init-common-post code into BSD init script
2014-01-09 William Hubbsconf.d/keymaps: Remove the currency and euro symbols
2014-01-08 William HubbsAdd missing documentation for environment variables
5 months ago openrc-0.12.4 OpenRC-0.12.4
6 months ago openrc-0.12.3 release OpenRC-0.12.3
6 months ago openrc-0.12.2 Release openrc-0.12.2
6 months ago openrc-0.12.1 release OpenRC 0.12.1
8 months ago openrc-0.12 Release OpenRC 0.12.
16 months ago openrc-0.11.8 release openrc-0.11.8
16 months ago openrc-0.11.7 release openrc-0.11.7
16 months ago openrc-0.11.6 Release openrc-0.11.6.
17 months ago openrc-0.11.5 Release OpenRC-0.11.5.
17 months ago openrc-0.11.4 release openrc-0.11.4
17 months ago openrc-0.11.3 release OpenRC-0.11.3
18 months ago openrc-0.11.2 Release openrc-0.11.2
18 months ago openrc-0.11.1 release openrc-0.11.1
18 months ago openrc-0.11 release openrc-0.11; bug #417391...
20 months ago openrc-0.10.5 tag openrc-0.10.5
21 months ago openrc-0.10.4 release OpenRC-0.10.4
13 days ago master
5 months ago openrc-0.12.x
12 months ago rc-status-exit
16 months ago openrc-0.11.x
19 months ago openrc-0.10.x
2 years ago openrc-0.9.9.x
2 years ago openrc-0.9.8.x
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