descriptionImplementation of systemd's settings interface (hostnamed, localed, timedated) for OpenRC
ownerGentoo GNOME team <>
last changeSun, 9 Sep 2012 03:46:56 +0000 (23:46 -0400)
2012-09-09 Alexandre RostovtsevLennart Poettering requested attribution in file headers master
2012-09-08 Alexandre Rostovtsevversion 1.0.1 openrc-settingsd-1.0.1
2012-09-08 Alexandre RostovtsevBetter diagnostics for missing ntp implementation
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevUpdate man page to match --help output
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevRun env-update after updating an env.d file
2012-09-07 Alexandre Rostovtsevversion 1.0 openrc-settingsd-1.0
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevAdd man page and homepage information, and --version...
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevUse $(AM_V_GEN) for nicer make output
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevFix parallel make failure
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevAdd a dbus busconfig file
2012-09-07 Alexandre RostovtsevAdd daemonized mode with syslog logging, pid file,...
2012-09-06 Alexandre RostovtsevPrepare for installation and distribution
2012-09-06 Alexandre RostovtsevUpdate README
2012-09-06 Alexandre RostovtsevRelicense utils.{c,h} under the MIT license
2012-09-06 Alexandre Rostovtsevopenrc provides a pkgconfig file
2012-09-06 Alexandre RostovtsevUse rc_sys for vm detection
22 months ago openrc-settingsd-1.0.1
22 months ago openrc-settingsd-1.0
22 months ago master