descriptionNew mozilla development that is not yet in tree
ownerGentoo Mozilla Team <>
last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 20:40:21 +0000 (16:40 -0400)
36 hours ago Ian Stakenviciusfixed version bump commit, and fixed USE=wifi logic... master
2 days ago Ian StakenviciusVersion bump
2014-07-06 Jory A. PrattRedesign mozconfig eclass to be better suited to handle...
2014-07-05 Ian Stakenviciusupdated nss ebuild to match the tree, removed old nspr...
2014-06-15 Ian Stakenviciussync'ed nspr and nss ebuilds with updates from the...
2014-06-14 Ian Stakenviciusone last fix
2014-06-14 Ian Stakenviciusmultilib ebuild fixes, thanks to jcallen
2014-06-14 Ian Stakenviciusfixed sqlite dep
2014-06-14 Ian StakenviciusMultiple ebuild updates
2014-06-13 Ian Stakenviciusversion bump
2014-06-13 Ian Stakenviciusmade 4.10.6 a regular ebuild and moved new multilib...
2014-06-12 Ian Stakenviciusdropped useless DEPEND from new nspr ebuild, expanded...
2014-06-12 Ian Stakenviciusversion bump, and multilib eclass support
2014-06-02 Ian Stakenviciuscleanup spidermonkey
2014-05-19 Jory A. Prattjemalloc: Version bump, critical bug fix for regression
2014-05-11 Jory A. PrattAdd Googlemas API-key, bug #505570
36 hours ago master
3 months ago axs_seamonkey