descriptiongcc-config: utility to manage compilers
ownerToolchain Team <>
last changeWed, 22 May 2013 23:53:49 +0000 (19:53 -0400)
2013-05-22 Mike Frysingerbuild with 64bit interfaces master
2013-01-12 Fabian Groffengcc-config: prefix: don't bother running ldconfig
2013-01-12 Fabian Groffengcc-config: prefix: copy GCC's libs to emulate
2013-01-12 Fabian Groffengcc-config: cleanup old Darwin stuff from /lib too
2013-01-12 Fabian Groffenmake aware of EPREFIX offset prefix
2013-01-02 Fabian Groffengcc-config: for Prefix split-/usr is never an issue
2013-01-02 Mike Frysingercompile gcc-config into .gcc-config so we can test...
2013-01-02 Mike Frysingergcc-config: drop Solaris special casing with /lib/cpp
2012-12-31 Mike Frysingergcc-config: use ${SED} everywhere
2012-12-31 Mike Frysingertests: check for trailing whitespace
2012-12-31 Mike Frysingertests: run in parallel
2012-12-30 Fabian Groffenrun_test: set RC_NOCOLOR to suppress colours
2012-12-29 Fabian Groffentry_real_hard_to_find_CHOST: use probed GNU sed
2012-11-19 Mike Frysingergcc-config: handle multilib libgcj pc files
2012-11-19 Mike Frysingergcc-config: clean up libgcj pc files better
2012-11-19 Mike Frysingergcc-config: only handle default ABI libgcc_s with split...
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