descriptionJava eselect modules
ownerGentoo Java team <>
last changeWed, 13 Feb 2013 21:29:35 +0000 (21:29 +0000)
2013-02-13 Ralph SennhauserUpdate year master 0.1.0
2013-02-13 Ralph SennhauserFix ChangeLog generation with subversion 1.7
2013-02-13 Ralph SennhauserPrefixify run-java-tool
2013-01-31 Ralph SennhauserAdd missing bug reference to NEWS
2013-01-31 Ralph SennhauserUpdate NEWS
2013-01-31 Ralph SennhauserUse @ as plugin vm seperator
2013-01-19 Ralph SennhauserAdd support for icedtea-web with selectable jvm
2013-01-19 Ralph SennhauserImport run-java-tool and install location to pkglibexec...
2013-01-17 Ralph SennhauserDrop useless use of local variable
2013-01-17 Ralph SennhauserReformat to look like other eselect modules in this...
2013-01-17 Ralph SennhauserSupport ROOT and Gentoo Prefix
2012-12-30 Ralph SennhauserChange version scheme to x.y.z so it can't be mistaken...
2012-12-30 Ralph SennhauserSwitch to non-recursive Makefile.
2012-12-13 Ralph SennhauserReplace scm UIDs with actual names and mail in old...
2012-12-13 Ralph SennhauserGenerate ChangeLog from vcs when creating the tarball...
2012-12-11 Ralph SennhauserAdd old ChangeLogs for imported modules
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