descriptionExperimental overlay for desktop effects packages
ownerSergey Popov <>
last changeMon, 5 Aug 2013 07:12:09 +0000 (11:12 +0400)
2013-08-05 Sergey PopovAdd master repositories definition master
2013-04-14 Sergey Popovupdate list of contributors
2013-04-14 Sergey Popovkeyword files and profiles/ cleanup
2013-01-30 Sergey PopovRemove unmaintained cairo-dock
2013-01-11 Sergey Popovx11-wm/compiz: add live ebuild for 0.9.9 branch
2012-12-31 Sergey PopovVersion bump
2012-10-03 Sergey PopovRemove old compiz live ebuild
2012-10-03 Sergey Popovremove sets configuration
2012-10-03 Sergey PopovRemove old live splitted compiz ebuilds.
2012-09-25 Sergey PopovAdd live ebuild for monolithic compiz
2012-09-24 Sergey PopovCorrect opengl dependencies. Thanks to renesanso for...
2012-09-16 Sergey PopovFix issue with icons not being displayed in ccsm
2012-09-15 Sergey PopovAdd missing inheritance on toolchain-funcs eclass
2012-09-15 Sergey PopovQA fix: dev-util/pkgconfig -> virtual/pkgconfig
2012-09-15 Sergey PopovCompiz and higher can be build only with gcc...
2012-09-15 Sergey PopovRemove use.local.desc - all local use flags should...
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