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ownerMatthew Summers <>
last changeThu, 9 Jan 2014 18:17:45 +0000 (12:17 -0600)
2014-01-09 Matthew Summersremove virtual/pyparsing, no longer used, update repo... master
2013-01-05 Matthew Summersupdate to use virtual/argparse, closes gentoo bug 449562
2012-02-18 Matthew Summersremove docs until I can talk to author
2012-02-18 Matthew Summersminor changes
2012-02-18 Matthew Summersupdated starcluster to 0.93.1 and added workerpool...
2011-08-04 Matthew SummersRe-adding dev-python/importlib
2011-08-03 Matthew Summersremoved importlib, in tree awhile back
2011-07-07 Matthew Summersremoved dev-python/amqplib as its now in the Portage...
2010-11-11 Matthew SummersFixed an issue with the default causing sandbo...
2010-11-11 Matthew SummersUpdated to latest release of starcluster 0.91.2
2010-11-11 Matthew SummersUpdated django-celery to latest release
2010-11-11 Matthew SummersUpdated celery the latest release 2.1.3
2010-10-27 Matthew SummersFix for celery-2.1.1 using wrong init.d file and new...
2010-10-27 Matthew SummersAdded 'supporting' dir
2010-10-27 Matthew Summersminor cleanup of conf.d file for celery
2010-10-26 Matthew SummersFixed up some Manifest files
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