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ownerTiziano Mueller <>
last changeSat, 12 Apr 2014 08:33:09 +0000 (10:33 +0200)
12 days ago Tiziano MüllerAdd bumps for gtk2/glib-perl since the current versions... master
12 days ago Tiziano MüllerBump version and fix deps, etc. Also make sure that...
2014-04-07 Tiziano MüllerInitial commit of thrift ebuild written by me.
2014-03-26 Tiziano MüllerFix Qt lib building.
2014-03-26 Tiziano MüllerUpdate USE flag description.
2014-03-26 Tiziano MüllerInitial commit of my thrift ebuild.
2014-03-12 Tiziano MüllerAdd DOCS, tested py3 support, failed.
2014-03-12 Tiziano MüllerInitial commit of the mwclient package
2014-03-12 Tiziano MüllerIgnore vim swap files
2014-03-12 Tiziano MüllerInitial commit of some scientific libs
2014-01-16 Tiziano MüllerCleanup todos. Fix emperor_pg pg_config. Drop probepg.
2014-01-16 Tiziano MüllerComplete descriptions for global flags.
2014-01-16 Tiziano MüllerAdd dumbloop plugin.
2014-01-16 Tiziano MüllerAdd some descriptions.
2014-01-16 Tiziano MüllerAdd some more plugins, add embedded USE flag to embed...
2014-01-15 Tiziano MüllerBump to 2.0
12 days ago master