Gentoo Overlays

This is the hosting location for the Gentoo Overlays using Git.
This service is powered by Gitolite.

Read-only Usage

Please visit the GitWeb to browse the available Git trees:


Cloning a repository

git clone git://<REPO> read-only


git clone<REPO> read-only

Read/write Usage

Overlay Requests

If you have any overlays requests (new repo, ACL changes, add to layman list) please file a bug, selecting Product: Gentoo Infrastructure and Component: Gentoo Overlays. For new repositories, be sure to include, category (dev, proj, user) name, description, owner, permitted committers.

Use this template for your bug.

Cloning a repository

git clone git+ssh://<REPO> read/write

Performing an initial commit to a new repository

git remote add origin git+ssh://<REPO>

git push origin master:refs/heads/master

git config --add branch.master.remote origin

git config --add branch.master.merge refs/heads/master

For the first push, you must use the a fully qualified push string, as the initial repository is totally empty. After that, you can use the short form.
If you need to push another branch, or all branches, please consult the git-push(1) manpage.

Setting author name and email

You must make sure that your commits have sane author and committer strings:

git config --global ""

git config --global "Some Guy Committer"

If you want to know more about $GIT_{COMMITTER,AUTHOR}_{NAME,EMAIL,DATE}, you should read the git-commit-tree(1) manpage.